#BBNaija:” You Are The Kind Of Man I Am Looking For “, Jackie B Reveals Feeling For White Money

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Few minutes ago, camera captured White Money, Jackie B and Tega discussing in the garden. Jackie B revealed that White Money is the kind of man she is looking for.

During conversation, White Money revealed that he likes Jackie B. He described her as his type of girl.

Reacting to White Money’s revelation, Jackie B also stated that she likes White Money. She said she has a lot of respect for White Money because he is mature, and that is the kind of man she needs In her life.

“I have a respect for you. You are a mature man. You are the kind of man I am looking for. I have been seeing you as a father figure from the onset. However, I am not saying that cannot change,” Jackie B said

White Money also revealed some things he cannot tolerate in a relationship. 

@White Money said, “I don’t like over jealous and clingy ladies. I am an entertainer, women will always come around me. A weak woman cannot date me. You have to be like Lola Okoye, Peter’s wife. Those are strong women”