Church Member Arrests Pastor After He Refused To Refund N900,000 After Mistakenly Made Donation Of N1M (watch the video)

A pastor’s refusal to refund a substantial donation has sparked controversy, leading to a visit from police officers to address the situation.

The incident unfolded when a church member mistakenly transferred N1 million instead of N100,000 to the pastor’s account. Despite efforts to rectify the error and retrieve the excess amount, the pastor insisted on treating the additional funds as a gift to God.

In a video circulating online, the aggrieved church member is seen accompanied by police officers as he confronts the pastor at his residence. The tense exchange underscores the frustration felt by the congregant, who alleges that his attempts to reclaim the funds were met with resistance from the pastor.

The pastor’s stance, attributing the unexpected windfall to divine providence, has ignited debate among observers, with some questioning the ethical implications of his decision.

The involvement of law enforcement reflects the seriousness of the matter and highlights the need for a resolution that satisfies both parties. As the situation unfolds, many await further developments and clarity on the pastor’s position regarding the accidental donation.