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“Why I Left Acting For Caregiver Job Abroad”, Sola Sobowale

Nollywood actress, Sola Sobowale, has revealed the reasons why she left her acting job to be a caregiver abroad.

Toyin Tomato fondly called by fans and colleagues, disclosed this during a live chat on the Teju Baby Face Show.

According to her, people thought she was crazy, to leave her million-paying acting job to work abroad.

Recalling her ordeal with a fellow Nigerian, she said; ‘One of the top Ogas looked at me and said ‘have I met you before’ and I said no,” while trying to hide her identity.

However, she revealed that she went back to meet him while in office to clarify things.

“After I saw him in the office, I went there and asked may I know you sir and he said his name is Seye Fadipe. And I said yes, you have met me before. I said my name is Sola Sobowale. You met me on the television,” She said.

The 58 year old veteran actress admitted that things were not easy but she has to do the jobs for the sake of her old age.

She said, having disclosed her identity, “He looked at me and said ‘are you crazy?’ I said I am not crazy. He asked what are you doing? You are up there in Nigeria.

“But there was something better than that. My future. My children are my future.

“There will be a time when the energy that Sola Sobowale will no longer be there. Then it is what you sow that you reap.

“At that time, Sola Sobowale was baba career. Career that there was nothing you will not do.

“Not senior career or team leader. You will wash. You will carry. You will clean. You will do everything.”