You Are Sleeping With My Wife, Nigerian Footballer Accuses Controversial UK Based Pastor, Tobi Adegboyega (pic)

Nigerian footballer, Kayode Olanrewaju has accused his wife, Dora Ezinne of sleeping with the controversial UK pastor, Tobi Adegboyega.

Additionally, the allegations against Ezinne extend to charges of fraud, and kidnapping.

According to reports from PM News, Ezinne’s friendship with Pastor Tobi Adegboyega was facilitated by Yetunde Burstline, an associate of Daddy Freeze and his wife, Taste Bud.

Allegedly, Ezinne became involved with the UK-based preacher, attending gatherings that reportedly included orgies, and spending extended periods away from home.

Additionally, it has surfaced that Ezinne is seven years older than her husband, Kayode, a fact she allegedly concealed from him prior to their marriage.

Olanrewaju further accused his wife of stealing two Mercedes Benz SUVs from him to finance Pastor Tobi and his associates’ lifestyle. Furthermore, he alleges that Ezinne conspired with realtor, Ugochukwu Igboanugo and others to transfer ownership of his properties into her name.

Furthermore, the situation escalated dramatically on March 24, 2024, when Ezinne purportedly abducted their three children, their current whereabouts unknown. Despite Kayode’s efforts to seek assistance from law enforcement agencies, the recovery of the stolen vehicles, properties, and children has proved futile.

The turmoil in Kayode’s personal life has taken a toll, reportedly leading to two suicide attempts and the termination of his football contract. Additionally, he claims to have received threats from unidentified individuals, including those purportedly associated with law enforcement.

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