“Rapper Sean Combs ‘Diddy’ Used To Secretly Meet Up With Gay Men At Turkish Bar”, Ex Bodyguard Reveals (video)

“I saw this dude pickup butt plugs”: Diddy’s Ex Employee Expose His Humiliating Secrets Amid His Romance With Meek Mill Allegations

Rapper Sean Combs, aka Diddy, is embroiled in yet another scandal, and it just seems to be getting bigger. We know that a lawsuit alleging s*xual assault and harassment has been filed against the rapper by one of his former employees. Even though their names were not mentioned in the lawsuit, musicians Meek Mill and Usher have now also been drawn into the controversy for allegedly being sexually assaulted by Diddy.

Furthermore, some startling details regarding the music mogul’s personal life have been revealed by Diddy’s former bodyguard. Yes, amidst allegations of a romance with Mill, Diddy appears to have even more secrets to hide. Reportedly, the latter’s ex-bodyguard has come forward to disclose a few embarrassing secrets about the music mogul.

Diddy allegedly used to meet gay men in secret at Turkish bathhouses at least three times a week, according to the allegations. The rumors of his relationship with the Dreams and Nightmares hitmaker have been circulating for quite some time, and now this recent exposé has only added fuel to the fire.

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