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Moment DJ Khaled Was Carried By Bodyguards To Avoid ‘Messing Up’ Unreleased Air Jordans Sneakers (pics & video)

DJ Khaled is a well-documented Jordan head. On Sunday (Feb. 25), the producer-record exec shared video of himself on Instagram being transferred from one vehicle to another by two burly security guards because Khaled doesn’t want the soles of his Jordans to touch the ground. In the clip, which can be seen below, Khaled is getting out of his Maybach near South Beach in Miami.

In the clip, Khaled opened up his car door, looked down at the ground and then waved over his security personnel.

“I don’t want to get my Jordans dirty,” he said while standing up. “Can I get everybody to help me?”

Two men came over to stand on either side to carry him as they walk over the sand.

The pair guided Khaled from his luxury vehicle and into the back of a pick-up truck, which took him to the beach-side stage.

“Thank you brothers, I appreciate it,” he said as they set him down. “Can’t mess up the Js.”

Once he arrived at the concert space, the same guards also lifted him out of the truck and once again carried him to the stage’s steps.

The “I’m The One” rapper is said to have gotten the J Balvin x Air Jordan 3 “Rio” sneakers early as they aren’t supposed to drop until May 2024.

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