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Naked Woman Gets Into Barbaric Fight in Venice Beach In Los Angeles (pic & video)

A naked woman went on a mini rampage and started attacking people at Venice Beach in Los Angeles.

A video captured by witnesses on Monday, Feb. 26, showed another lady confronting the naked woman with spiked clubs.

The naked woman, who had no stitch of clothing on, stood her ground against the woman who had a spiked club.

They went back and forth for a bit then the other lady struck the naked woman with the baton before throwing it at her. The nude woman then picked it up and started chasing after the woman as well as other people, threatening them with the club.

N@ked woman gets into fight at Venice Beach in Los Angeles (video)

The fully clothed woman then retrieved a second baton and they battled on the pavement. 

The altercation carried on for around 6 minutes without any police response, TMZ reports.

Watch a video from the scene below.

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