Yes American Is On The Verge Of Collapse Due To An Unsustainable Economy

By Elliot Schuchardt

Yes, the United States could collapse in the next few years.

This is due to the way the world economy is currently set up.

The United States benefits from a near-monopoly on the sale of oil from the Middle East. In other words, if you want to buy oil from most of the Middle East, you must first acquire United States dollars to do so.

This quasi-monopoly creates enormous demand for the United States dollar. In fact, more than half of the demand for the dollar is for oil from the Middle East.

As with all monopolies, they are unstable. They have to be held in place by force, typically the law of a country. In this case, the oil monopoly is maintained by United States military power.

America is on the verge of losing the oil monopoly. China and Russia are currently organizing an alliance for the purpose of doing international trade in a currency other than the U.S. dollar. This alliance, known as BRICS, will control more than half of the world’s production of oil.

When BRICS prices oil in a currency other than the U.S. dollar, world demand for the dollar will collapse, along with the value of the dollar.

Here’s the kicker, if the dollar falls by 50% in value — which is foreseeable — the price of gasoline in the United States will double. If the dollar falls by 80% in value, the price of gasoline in the United States will increase by 500%, to about $18 per gallon. That could easily happen overnight.

If gasoline prices increase to $10 or $12 per gallon in the United States, the United States government could fail. This sort of situation would likely require martial law in the United States, if the government survives.

The United States and its media are not preparing for this possibility. They are ignoring the situation. This gives China and Russia a free hand to destroy the U.S. economy through the new BRICS alliance.

America needs to respect China and Russia. BRICS will soon entail 66% of the world’s population. America — with only 4% of the world’s population — stands little chance.