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“I’m Addicted To Prostitutes Please Help”, 47yr Old Man Pleads (pics)

As a 47yr old I still patronise prostitutes which I don’t see a problem with. I have No kid, no serious relationship. The problem is my mother complaining here and there for me to get married if I don’t see my age.
My mother has complained to the extend she’s embarrassed on my behalf even when I am well established.
I know I can’t help myself, it’s just an addiction I can’t stop.
I find it so hard to chyke a girl, talk more calling every now and then.. having meaniless discussions and drama all the time.. pestering for sex something I can achieve with just a phone chat with my connect and they will send pictures of multiple variables I can pick from..30k shortime.

The longest relationship have ever had was in 2008 I think 7months.
Ever since I was young I focused on pay as you go and this has been eating my finances on a steady which I normally don’t see as anything because I am doing quite well for myself.
But the pressure to have kids it’s getting on me so bad that I wish I can just get a prostitute and impregnate her so that my mother can rest.