Husband Catches His Lingerie-Clad Wife Waiting For ‘Date’ In Hotel (pics)

My wife of four years is in this hotel right now, and she don’t have a clue that I’m out here.’

‘The thing is, she’s been on OnlyFans for a while now. I didn’t know. I had no clue that this is what she was doing,’ he continues.

‘The reason I found out (about the OnlyFans), is because my homie…ran across my wife’s page,’ says the man.

As he gets out of the car and enters the hotel, the man says he created a fake OnlyFans account for himself, on which he made his name D Rock.

‘I’ve been talking to her for a week on OnlyFans…she’s thinking she’s doing a meeting with a guy named D Rock, and it’s me the whole time.

‘She’s been hiding having an OnlyFans the entire time,’ he said, adding that his wife had frequently told him she needed to be out of the house for ‘business meetings’ and group hangouts with girlfriends.

‘I’m not overthinking it,’ he says of what his wife had told him about her plans.

He makes it upstairs, exits the elevators and says, ‘she gave me a room number and everything. Here we go.’

As he walks down the hall to the room, he becomes audibly more nervous about the encounter about to unfold.

‘It don’t make no sense,’ he says, as he knocks on the door.

A woman is then heard coming to the door.

Suddenly, the woman’s blurred head is visible from behind the door and the jig is up.

She immediately attempts to slam the door shut on her husband and exclaims ‘No!’

But he forces his way into the room as she shouts ‘What are you doing here?’

The woman, who is clad in what appears to be a skimpy one-piece with dollar bills printed on it and heels, at first attempts to deny that she schedules meet-ups with men on OnlyFans.

She breaks down when she realizes her husband is D Rock and she has been speaking with him all week via the app’s chat messenger.

The interaction then largely deteriorates into a profanity-laden back and forth, during which the distraught and angry husband asking her how she could do this, and saying, ‘You’ve been coming home, laying in bed with me, acting like everything is normal.’

At one moment she mentions ‘the mortgage,’ implying that she established the profile to help pay the bills.

‘I don’t give a f*** about no mortgage. I’m not trying to hear none of them excuses,’ he retorted. ‘There’s nothing to explain.’

She swore she was ‘only dancing’ for the people with whom she would meet up. ‘I ain’t doing nothing.’

The woman, who the man refers to once in the video as Katrina, sprawls herself on the bed in the hotel room and sobs into what appears to be a hot pink bathrobe as she attempts to hide from the camera.

The man says she hadn’t been shy online, so there was no need for her to hide her face now

She continues to attempt to explain herself, as the man says, ‘This is what I did not want to marry,’ adding that she should ‘come home and get your sh**.’

She tells him she loves him. He responds, ‘You don’t love me.’

‘Baby, we got kids,’ she says as he moves to leave the room.

‘I don’t even know if those kids are mine,’ he says.