2023 Election: It Is Getting Too Late For PDP

People either not paying attention to the real issues during the campaign or are delebrately
ignoring the facts.
Things are not well with PDP and almost everything is working in favour of Tinubu.

These facts need to be notice and work upon before many people becomes media Bandits after the election.

1. APC is the rulling party which controls most of the major states with high voting capacity

2. PDP crisis seems not resolvable with the G5 governors

3. Peter Obi factor. Despite that Obi stand no chance to win neither to come second, but he is having a huge negative impact on PDP who will surely comes second at the poll. Because SE is a major region where PDP gets bulk votes, if eventually Obi has impact over SE and slash the bulk votes coming from SE, this is a huge blow for PDP. Plus the sympathy votes that PDP used to get from those who delebrately hates anything APC might be going going in Obi direction.

4. APC are in good order, all those matter most with electoral value are on same page with Tinubu.
APC campaign strategies are superb where you see different campaigns going on across the country, from Women wing to Youth wing. Seems PDP women and Youth wings are not even functioning when you compare them with what Dr. Edu and Dayo Isreal are doing for APC. I am not sure if I really know who PDP women leader and Youth Leader is

5. Tinubu is busy meeting with different stake holders within the party and private sectors but seems the oppositions are not learning from the strategies apart from catching Cruse on social media.

6. I rember in the 2019 election both Kwankwaso and Obi worked for PDP yet they lost, what’s the fate of PDP without these two with the unrepentant G5 governors.

PDP should wake up, it’s getting too late already, Nigeria deserves a proper opposition,what PDP is presenting is making the coming election a walkover for the rulling party

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