2023 Election: Military Coup Imminent In Nigeria If……

By Femi Olufunmilade

“History repeats itself, first as a tragedy, second as farce” – Karl Marx

There was an attempted military coup in Chad yesterday, 6th January 2023. This came barely three weeks after a similar attempt in The Gambia. Earlier, a similar attempt had failed in Sao Tome.

Of course, we are aware Sudan, Mali, Bourkina Faso, and Republic of Guinea are presently run by military regimes.

All these are warnings to Nigeria. The warning goes largely to the reckless, selfish, and corrupt politicians running our affairs from Abuja to the Local Government.

If the caliber of politicians that brought us to the peak of economic hardship where we are now are returned to power in the 2023 elections, you can bet on it that a violent shakeup in the political arena will only be a matter of when; not if.

The level of hardship an average Nigerian is experiencing now is better left to extreme imagination. People are starving. People are sick and dying because they lack the means to get medical services. Many families are breaking up as wives take to prostitution to make ends meet with their children. People are committing suicide because life has become a daily mental and physical torture.

If this trend continues there will be a coup. Whether it will solve our problem is an unknown variable. I don’t pray for it, but I see it coming if the incoming administration removes fuel subsidy rather than crash the high cost of fuel of diverse kinds by making local refining a reality fast enough.

I see it happening if the next administration, instead of blocking financial leakages and the looting binge, decides to tax companies and individuals the more to raise funds.

I see it happening if an unimaginative president is elected and he cannot bring some immediate relief to the masses between six months and a year and continues the foolhardy habit of blaming his mediocrity on the errors of past regimes.

You can pontificate with the worn out cliche that the best military government is worse than the worst civilian government, you’re deceiving yourself only because you’re comfortable or part of the rot. Those who are already down that a visionless and aloof president seeks to bury alive will be on the streets to welcome any harbinger of hope.

It’s happening around us already!

Let’s be sober on the choices we make in the 2023 elections. Go beyond the emotional attachment to a candidate and scrutinise his policy agenda. Don’t vote any candidate whose policy agenda has no critical component of bringing immediate reliefs to the masses undergoing extraordinary suffering as we speak!

Donne, in a famous short essay, posed the question to know who was being buried at the old cemetery where each internment was marked with a bell toll, “For whom the bell tolls”?

The ensuing reply was, “It tolls for thee”! We will all die some day. Each bell that tolls is a warning for you, even if it’s not your internment yet.

That’s a proverb on the resurgence of military coups in Africa, our West Africa in particular.

Femi Olufunmilade is a Professor and a political scientist can be reached at ([email protected])

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