‘You Borrowed Huge Money From Billionaire Captain Hosa’, Jaruma Blasts Ned Nwoko (pics)

Popular Nigerian sex therapist, Jaruma, who was arrested by Regina Daniels husband, Ned Nwoko, before she was later released has thrown a heavy blow on the billionaire.

Writing through her official Instagram account,
jaruma_empire, she wrote:

“He borrowed huge sums of Money from a real billionaire NOT AUDIO THOUSANDNAIRE Real ORIGINAL BILLIONAIRE CAPTAIN HOSA therefore he was so happy when Captain Hosa Died so that he won’t pay Captains family That is CHOP & CLEAN MOUTH ;; This is not how he wanted it 0000000 he wanted for me to still be in prison till now but Prison officials saw a child so they called for my immediate release!!!! In their own words, this one go bring small pikin for us to babysit Grandpa, I WILL NEVER APOLOGIZE TO U BECAUSE THE DAMAGE HAS ALREADY BEEN DONE & Younger ones are watching & learning how Jaruma will fight for her rights

OGA GO COMPOSED YEYE APOLOGY HE WANTS ME TO DO & I’m like wait, immediately u saw 2 little girls fighting, U SHOULD HAVE CALLED ME HOME TO SETTLE THE MATTER AS AN ELDER BETWEEN 2 LITTLE KIDS & I WOULD APOLOGIZED PUBLICLY INSTEAD OF GOING TO UR IG PAGE TO DESTROY ME X FOR ME, THE DAMAGE HAS ALREADY BEEN DONE ‘V PS- You only fear Prison if u have never been there before but once u enter Prison, it becomes a Normal LeLe for u You only fear something u have never experienced before but once it happens to u, you won’t care anymore ‘ `1

Finally Granpa, this is what u get when u bring urself down so low to fight a very little girl of only 17 years, same age with ur granddaughter after paying u N10,000,000 MILLION NAIRA AT ONCE NOT IN INSTALLMENTS 000000 U DID NOT DO THE JOB & YET, I’m still the the one u want to oppress, intimidate & silence f.; vomit vomit ;-; very disgusting vomit vomit.”

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