Man Drags A Drunk Man To His House & Slept With Him For 10hrs

Detectives in Bomet have launched a manhunt for a man who is suspected to to have sodomized a drunkard after locking him in his house for ten hours. The incident occured in Musonik village of Kyongong location in Chepalugu.

According to reports, the man was having good times with his kinsmen sipping fermented frothy waters in jumbo club. The 33 years old man had excused himself to go for a natural call of nature when the suspect struck. The suspect by the name Silas was waiting at the dark and pounced in the victim and dragged him to his house.

Image of a drunk for illustration

Mr Silas dragged the staggering man towards his house which is about 200 meters from the local. Efforts of the victim to raise alarm as he was dragged to Silas house went unsuccessful as the local was playing loud music which made it impossible for those inside to hear the screams.

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