Tinubu’s Sponsored Visit To Pa Fasoranti Was To Cause Confusion Between Two Elders Of Afenifere

By Jide Kolade

Our self styled “LEADERS” are now out campaigning every nuke and corner of Nigeria as if there will be no tomorrow! All their concern is how to be the lords over us again, whether we like it or not. A macabre dance of sort!

There was a show of shame today in the ancient town of Akure, where the ertswhile leader of the AFENIFERE received Tinubu in audience.

The ruling class, in it’s desperation to win again and continue to corner our collective patrimony, is not leaving any thing to chances.

They just want to rule us by fire, by force. Man with the bullion van has rolled the wheel again. And this time, the next port of call was the homestead of the nonegenarian Pa Reuben Fasoranti, an avowed follower of the late sage, Obafemi Awolowo, who some three years ago honourably disengaged from the leadership of the socio cultural group and handed over the rudder of the ship to a fellow nonegenarian, Pa Ayo Adebanjo.

Not only did Tinubu make a big show of the visit today, but he was also able to pull along the creme de la creme of the Yoruba upper class, most of them politicians, of his contemporary age and affluence.

It was seriously a show stopper. Whatever money can do and command readily came on display today as TINUBU stormed Fasoranti house.

It was a sad event of paradoxical outcome. Pa Fasoranti was virtually arm twisted and hood winked into rendering “iwure’ for the quisling!

With several pockets laid in Benjamin Franklin and the Ghana Must Go stuffed in crispy naira notes, all hell was let loose, as the so called Yoruba elders unabashedly trampled over one another to have a share of the Tinubu booties.

Tinubu is desperately in quest of AFENIFERE endorsement. And the only one item missing on their agenda today is the rubber stamp of the Afenifere and probably the seal and the letter head paper to convey the message of their hurried communique.

The APC presidential candidate had probably forgotten that Pa Fasoranti is no longer in control of the pan-Yoruba group, since the leadership has long changed hands. But he was able to extract “adura” from the old man, after shedding loads of naira wads. Like the waist disposal turn table truck, the man went all out and tripped the lorry load of naira at Pa Fasoranti’s door step.

The man is beginning to make atonement for his several sins against the Yoruba race. Have we all forgotten the interjection “where is the cow”, the most unfortunate statement subconsciously vomited by Tinubu on the day of the killing of Pa Reuben Fasoranti’s daughter, right in the presence of the old man?

This was in reaction to a chorus of opinions by eyewitnesses that Fulani marauders killed Mrs Olufunke Olakunrin. Tinubu was obviously playing to the gallery, pandering to the whims and caprices of the establishment.

In the end, four of the assailants, of Fulani extraction, were recently sentenced to the gallows by a court of competent jurisdiction on account of that dastardly killing.

What is more? The breaking of AFENIFERE into factions was known to have been spearheaded by Tinubu and equally the decimation of its leadership, just to promote his selfish ambition.

Watch out, he’s at it again. Mr Bullion Van, is out to ram two elders’ heads against each other. What he failed to get from Adebanjo, he believes is in control of Fasoranti. What a big mistake!

By the way, for the none Yoruba readers of this piece, the parable of “Aa oo mu erin je oba”, when translated means: “we are leading the elephant to the throne as a king over mankind!”

Really? Of course, this speaks of an ambition already on hold!

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