‘Nigerians Beware Of Someone Who Claimed He Lost His Wealth Under Abacha Now Owns Planes’, Peter Obi Warns (pics)

L_R: Late Abacha, Tinubu & MKO Abiola

The Presidential Candidate of Labour Party in the 2023 election, Mr Peter Obi, has advised Nigerians to be wary of the source of income of other candidates in the coming election.

In a video trending on social media, Obi said bad behavior had become a measure of success in Nigeria, stressing that it was necessary for the people to take back their country and administer it the right way.

He recounted being told about a candidate who the people claimed lost everything while fighting the military dictatorship of Late General Sani Abacha suddenly became very rich overnight without a company to his name.

Obi who didn’t reveal the name of the candidate, however, questioned how he got the money to buy two planes without a known source of income.

“What company gave this candidate who people claimed fought Abacha and lost everything own that gave him the money to buy two planes? Bad behavior has become a measure of success in Nigeria and we must all rise up and take back our country and rule it the right way,” he said.

We have a crisis, a crisis; and that’s why I am pleading for all of us to take back our country. It’s our own; it’s not like any other country. When the leader is responsible to the people, they can question his rascality; his behavior must that of somebody who is sane and who wants to serve.”

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