Muyiwa Says

Buhari, The North & Rest Of Us

As it stands today, the two leading parties in Nigeria (PDP and APC) that may produce the next President to succeed Buhari in 2023 have jettisoned the rotational presidency we adopted since the beginning of our fourth republic in 1999

Today we have the president (Muhammadu Buhari) from the north and the chairman of the ruling party APC (Adamu Abdullahi) are from the North

PDP has a presidential candidate from the North (ex Vice President Atiku Abubakar) and the chairman from the North (Dr Iyorchia Ayu)

Ma fi nu mi, mo mon jee

If we have a restructured Nigeria, i would not have cared less but in a dysfunctional Nigeria where we have adopted the “quota system” that is skewed against the south, i will cry blue murder

I’m a Yoruba from the south and i will not rationalise any excuse or political explanations or exploitations that will make me become a second class citizen in my country

If I allow it, my children will call me names like “olosi or oloriburuku (useless and worthless) father” for allowing this to happen

I’m still waiting for Buhari to name his successor to know the next line of action

I’m watching with keen interests