Iyabo Ojo & Family Slaying In All White Ensemble (pics)

Iyabo Ojo is a Nollywood actress, a fashionista, an entertainer and a brand influencer. She shared some lovely photos of herself and her family and they were all slaying on a white dress.

Their pattern of dressing displayed their value and love for fashion. Iyabo Ojo and her family have proven to us that white outfits are lovely but it needs to be maintained in order to look attractive. White outfits are matured and are worn to important events and it always attract attention and complement.

Their outfit are simple but inspiring in the sight of people. Their wears are sewn with a lace fabric and the men are dressed in their traditional attire known as “Agbada”.

The above style is classy and their head tie brought out their face and enhanced their beauty. If you look at their gowns it’s the same length but the hand of their dress are sewn differently. They are both wearing jelwries and it complemented their dress.

The men are also wearing beads because in the Yoruba land, dressing traditionally 

without wearing a bead is incomplete. Check out some pictures pictures below.

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