“I’ve Been Sleeping With Him Every Sunday, Don’t Arrest Him,” 13-year Old Teen Mother Defends Cousin

A class six girl who hails from Maragua area in Murang’a county has come out to candidly narrate the story of her journey in pregnancy, motherhood and how she came to be expectant in the first place.

As The Star reports, the 13-year old class six girl from Murang’a has come out to recount how her cousin made her expectant slightly over one year ago.

She says she used to visit the cousin who Bodaboda rider on a regular basis especially on Sundays where the two engaged in bed affairs. However, there is a twist as she is opposing any attempts by the government to arrest the suspect.

The girl says that despite the fact that she was shocked to learn of her pregnancy, she is still fond of the perpetrator and she loves him.

“I’ve been sleeping with him every Sunday and sometimes stayed over at his house,” she says.

This is an interesting turn of events as the girl’s parents insist that the suspect is apprehended and taken to Court even as the young girl stands firm to say that she does not want to see his lover end up in jail because she loves him.

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