BBN Reunion: Watch The Moment Prince Said, He Loves Dorathy To Death (Video)

BBNaija reunion: Prince was not sincere with me — Dorathy - Punch Newspapers

It seems like the friendship, Prince and Dorathy have been quite different from a normal friendship because Prince saying he loves Dorathy to date is more than just a normal friendship. Recall that, Prince and Tolani are having heated arguments over their relationship saga, and Prince has made it open to her and everyone that there was no relationship. He claimed that Tolani has gone ahead to make people believe that they had a thing together, that it was just one entanglement and nothing more than that.

Tolani went on talking about how Prince made her feel especially when he gave Dorathy a flower on her birthday. She also talked about how he ignored her for Dorathy as well, that she felt used and by him as well. However, Prince further explained that they had nothing more than friendship, that he regrets being close to her, and as for Dorathy, she is a good friend to him.

He apologizes to Dorathy that he didn’t tell her about the entanglement he had with Tolani in secret, that other than that, he had told her every other secret, and he didn’t want to hide anything from her, because the kind of friendship he had with Dorathy meant a lot to him. Furthermore, Prince said that Dorathy remains his friend, that he has done things for her that, he hasn’t done for anyone before.

He also said that he loves Dorathy to date, and he would still want their friendship to go on. Ebuka being the host, asked Dorathy if he felt the same way with the friendship he had with Prince, and she responded by saying, “They are cool, and everything is fine.” However, from Prince expression, it might seem like their friendship is very important to him, and he doesn’t want to lose it.

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