Watch The Moment Staff Of Heritage Stormed Senator Andy Uba’s House To Demand Settlement For Unpaid Loans (video)

On Monday, June 21, 2021, some members of the staff of a prestigious bank in Nigeria, Heritage bank, launched a protest against Nigerian senator and Anambra governorship aspirant, Sen Andy Uba

About 15 Heritage Bank staff were seen in front of his Abuja residence holding up placards with write-ups like, “we need our depositors’ funds, Andy Uba; we have been patient enough Andy Uba; Andy pay your debt to Heritage bank,” etc.

In a video that surfaced a few hours later, it was revealed that Andy Uba has owed the bank a huge sum of money for several years. It appears that the Senator obtained a loan from Heritage Bank, and previous attempts by the management to reclaim the debt have proven abortive. According to the employees, his debt is so enormous that it poses a threat to the employment of some of the employees of Heritage Bank.

Sen Andy Uba, who is an aspirant in the upcoming Anambra gubernatorial election under the banner of the All Progressives Congress, has yet again soiled the parties garment, thereby lessening their chances of victory in the election. In view of the APC party primaries scheduled for Saturday, 26 June, stakeholders have already begun to reconsider his eligibility for the party ticket.

This is not the first time Sen Andy Uba is being affiliated with financial mismanagement. Several years ago, Andy Uba was confirmed to be involved in money laundering in the United States of America. Even more, he has been involved in an educational fraud scandal. These discoveries put a giant question mark on his character and ability to administer transparent governance in Anambra state.

Further speculations insinuate that he could be in the governorship race to siphon state funds to offset personal debts. Party Stakeholders say this is not the kind of leader needed in Anambra state because as the Igbo saying goes “onye aka n’akpa bu onye ori.” This translates in English to “anyone who has a hand in someone else’s pocket is a thief.”

See the video below.

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