“Gov Jide Sanwoolu Our Businesses Are Dying Because Of COVID-19 Restrictions, Relax The Curfew”. Iyabo Ojo Pleads

Nollywood actress, Iyabo Ojo has taken to social media to plead with the Lagos state governor, Jide Sanwo-Olu to relax the COVID-19 curfew restrictions as it is affecting her business. 

The actress, via her Instagram page, shared a video explaining how she’s into debt due to the current 12-4 am Covid19 restrictions. Pleading with the government, the actress asked they relax the restrictions so that businesses can function properly.

Sharing the video; she captioned it ”@jidesanwoolu please, sir, can you kindly address this 12am – 4am curfew

is there still curfew in Lagos & why? is it that corona virus moves between 12am – 4am or is there another reason why? please I’m asking on behalf of all lounge, bar and club owners in Lagos, we are running into serious debt & loss, alot of us are closing down & it’s affecting lives & family, we need answers 😢 Muhammad Buhari


The @policenglagos @nigeriapoliceforce are also using this 12am – 4am as an opportunity to collect bribe from us, it’s alarming that one cannot move freely in Lagos state once it’s 12am ….. the police are always @ lekki 2nd roundabout blocking us & collecting birbe before we can pass, I run a lounge, bar & restaurant so I go home late everyday & I have to bribe them to pass, when dey no be tollgate. it’s really getting annoying & irritating, please kindly address this, thank you.”

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