‘Sex Work Should Be Legal’, Adetutu Model With Tribal Marks (pics & video)

Adetutu OJ, nicknamed tribal mark model, has revealed that she’s now an online sex worker and disclosed how this came to be.

Speaking to LITV hosts, Adetutu explained that whenever she’s in need of help and posts it online, people reach out to her, offering to help, but she said they always attach a condition to their help.

"Sex work should be legal" Model with prominent tribal mark, Adetutu OJ  narrates how she started doing online sex work on Episode 2 of LITV

She explained that most of them tell her they will only help her if she’ll have sex with them.

She said that because she’s an “empath” and feels the energy of people strongly, she avoids getting close to people physically.

As a result, she began suggesting to them that rather than hook up with them physically,  she is open to online sex. She said most were willing to go with online sex and pay for her service, so she took that on as a side hustle.

The mum-of-one added that she does it just to get by.

She explained that she still does her bead making and modelling.

She added that sex work should be legalised.

Adetutu said: “I don’t see nothing wrong in it. I’m just trying to survive. I’m not hurting anybody. I’m helping some men out with their sexual… So, I see no harm in it. Sex work should be legal.”

Watch her speak in the video below.

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