See Three Relationships From BBNaija Lockdown That Died Outside The House (pics)

Not every relationship that started in the Big Brother Naija House is surviving outside the house. There are some relationships that ended right inside the house. They didn’t even give it a trial outside the house. Those relationships were actually strategic. It was all for the game and nothing more. Some were just to be ‘booed-up’. They just needed a companion to get them out of boredom in the house. Some of them just needed a ladder to move to the next stage of the game or survive eviction since they would benefit from the votes of the fans of their partner. These and many more reasons were why the relationships didn’t go beyond the house. It was all for the game.

The three relationships that was born in the Big Brother house but didn’t survive outside the house are the relationship between Eric and Lilo, Prince and Tolani Baj, Brighto and Wathoni. These three relationships didn’t go beyond the Big Brother house.

1. Eric and Lilo

Eric & Lilo

Eric and Lilo were the first couple in the Big Brother Naija Reality TV Show season five. They met and got hooked in the first week of the show. They were always together that they forgot they were in a game. Their failing to mingle with other Housemates cost them their early eviction since it was in the Housemates hands to evict two from the bottom four. Lilo was the first to exit the show and she came out regretting her relationship with Eric. Eric didn’t spend more than two weeks after Lilo left.

People were expecting to see the relationship wax stronger outside the house but it seems like it ended right inside the house.

2. Prince And Tolani Baj

Prince was caught in a triangle of girls. His first choice was Nengi but that didn’t work out because Nengi told him they can’t be more than friends. So Prince had to make a choice between two other female admirers who were Tolani Baj and Wathoni. He later went for Tolani Baj and they started a relationship in the house. They were going through some back and forth and Tolani Baj needed more of the cuddling and PDA’s but weren’t getting enough from Prince.

The relationship didn’t go beyond the house as Dorathy took over immediately Tolani Baj was evicted.

3. Brighto and Wathoni

Brighto was the most reserved housemate in the beginning of the show. But as the show progresses, the ladies started observing his potentials and they started crushing on him. The list of those crushing on him were Wathoni and Dorathy. Wathoni actually went first and finally booked a spot. Brighto played along and people saw them as a couple. They eat together and share the same bed.

Some people were expecting them to carry on their relationship outside the house since both of them were evicted the same day. But it seems it all ended in the house.