After Messy Separation From Canadian Wife, Oluwo Of Iwoland, Set To Pick New Bride (details)

The Oluwo of Iwoland Oba AbdulRasheed Adewale Akanbi, is now set to pick a new wife, months after his messy separation from ex-Canadian wife, Chanel.

Oluwo & Ex Wife

Speaking about his failed marriage while fielding questions from both Space 90.1 F.M and Parrot Xtra Magazine crew at his palace in Iwo, Osun State a few days ago, the monarch revealed some of the qualities his ideal next Olori must possess.

“My new wife must be somebody that holds my principles,” he said. The monarch, who recently lost his mother Suebat Amope Alimi (Nee Akanbi) to death, also went further by saying that his next Olori must be ready to serve the people. That she must not be somebody who will be looking for unnecessary publicity.

“Though many ladies have been sending me messages on Instagram and other social media platforms that they want to be my Olori. Even though the tradition allows me to marry 100 but there are some qualities I will look out for in my next Olori.

She must love my town and my people because I am going to crown her, and her name will be in the history books. She must be somebody that holds my principles. My ideal Olori must not come and say she wants publicity.

Because 10,000 years to come, I want people to talk about me and my Olori.”

For those who have been criticising him over the divorce saga however, Oluwo has some words for them. Stressing that his former wife wanted to kill him but she failed.

“My prayer for those who opposed my decision to divorce her is that God should provide that kind of wife for them. May God give them that kind of wife who will be recording everything they do in their home.”

“I have no regret divorcing her. I am only worried about those criticizing me on and offline. I will continue to pray for them and wish them what they are wishing me. “I thank God that she is finally out of my life. I survived her. Those judging me, those talking against me do not know what they are doing. May they inherit that kind of wife.”

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