Are You F**king My Wife?, Mike Tyson To Donald Trump (pics)

Inside the bizarre 'father-son' relationship between Donald Trump ...

Heavyweight legend Mike Tyson once barged into Donald Trump’s office and asked him: “Are you f***ing my wife?”

This was revealed in the book TrumpNation by Tim O’Brien in which he claims the acclaimed baddest man on the planet charged at Trump while he was married to Robin Givens.

According to O’Brien account, Trump was in his New York office at the time of the tense meeting, the book, The Times claims.

This was after Trump had worked as Tyson’s adviser and also financed his unforgettable 1988 fight against Michael Spinks, where he knocked out the Jinx in just 91 seconds.

But in his 2005 book, O’Brien claims their friendship became tense when Tyson demanded to know if Trump was sleeping with his wife.

O’Brien quoted Trump as saying: “He said, ‘could I ask you, are you f***ing my wife?’

“Now, if I froze, I’m dead… You would have zero chance.

“Here’s the heavyweight champion of the world, and he’s a solid piece of f***ing armour.”

Tyson and Givens got hitched in 1988 and divorced a year later

The book however failed to put an end to the suspense as Trump’s answer is not revealed.

Tyson is currently married to third wife Lakiha Spicer, and has sparked rumours of a ring return after videos of his incredible workout sessions hit the internet.

His marriage to actress Givens only lasted a year from 1988 and came at the height of Tyson’s fame.

They married 11 months after their first date, on which they were reportedly joined by her mother and publicist.

“My social skills consisted of putting a guy in a coma,” he wrote in his memoir, ‘Undisputed Truth’.

“So maybe Robin was just what the doctor ordered.”

After Givens filed for divorce, they continued to see each other.

At that point, Givens began dating Brad Pitt – and Tyson is said to have walked in on the pair having sex.

“Dude, don’t strike me,” Pitt said as he was faced with the fierce heavyweight, “don’t strike me.”

“You had to see the look on his face,” Tyson wrote in his book.

“He looked like he was ready to receive his last rites. He also looked stoned out of his gourd.”

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