How Google Earth Discovers Missing Body Of 22 years Pic & Video)

It is a known fact that innovative idea changes the world and makes it a better place. Google Earth has become an innovative idea that helped found a man that has been missing for more than 2 decades.

An innocent search has helped American police to solve a mystery of 22 years: a missing man

The remains of a Florida man who went missing without a trace 22 years ago were recovered after his car, which had been submerged in a pond since 1997 and was reportedly visible in Google Earth photos, was found by a local man.

William Moldt, a 40-year-old resident of Lantana, Florida, was reported missing on Nov. 8, 1997, after he did not return home after a night out at a club. The decades-old mystery found its conclusion last month, however, after a resident called police on Aug. 28 to report that he’d discovered a car fully submerged in the retention pond behind his house, according to the Palm Beach Post.

The Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office confirmed Wednesday that the skeletal remains found inside the car, which itself showed evidence of having been in the water for quite some time, belonged to Moldt, the outlet reports.

Moldt’s missing person case went cold decades ago, but his disappearance is now listed as “resolved” on The Charley Project, a website housing information on various missing person’s cases. Moldt’s page states that a “property surveyor” saw Moldt’s car while perusing Google Earth.

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