Everything You Need to Know About Kanye West’s Sunday Services (pic & video)

Watch this clip from one of Kanye West & Kim Kardashian’s Sunday service. Check it out!!!

The Kardashians, Jenners, and Wests have probably always looked forward to Sunday nights, when their loyal fans gather around TV screens and on social media to watch Keeping Up With the Kardashians and all the drama that unfurls within its hour-long slot. But now, reality TV’s favorite family has a new reason to enjoy Sundays, thanks to Kanye West.

On January 6, Kim Kardashian tweeted, “Our new Sunday Service is starting. Check out the rehearsals on my Instagram stories.” Week after week, Kim and attendees have begun sharing snippets of the Sunday service on social media, from videos of North West and friends dancing (and singing) along to songs sung by a choir to rapper DMX delivering a sermon.

So is Kanye West starting a church? Who gets invited to these services? Is he releasing a gospel album? Will you ever be able to attend? Ahead, all your questions about Kanye West’s newest endeavor answered.

What is Kanye West’s Sunday service?

From the looks of it, it’s a weekly service that focuses heavily on music—it’s unknown whether the services have anything in common with any specific religious format. Kanye seems to be the head of the service, as seen in the videos that have surfaced since it launched.

Where is it held?

The event kicked off inside the Kardashian-West home before Kanye brought the vibes to the great outdoors. On January 6, Kim tweeted, “Just hearing music as our Sunday Service was super inspiring. See you next Sunday.”

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