Revealed At Last!! Read The N800m China Rice Scandal That Nailed VP Osinbajo

Summary of Report

1. China donated and shipped a total of 162,696 bags of rice into the country’s seaport in June 2017 meant for distribution to IDPs in the North-East as food assistance.

2. NEMA under Osinbajo as Chairman left it there for months until it acquired demurrage of NGN800m.

3. China wrote several times to NEMA and some ministries to go and pick up rice for distribution to IDP – no response.

4. Who paid the demurrage fees to APM terminal/Maersk Line?

The company records show that it was the Ministry of Agric. But NEMA also has it in its own expenses. Indicating that Osinbajo ordered the payment of demurrage and expenses for rice that has already being paid for.

5.But what eventually happened to the rice that China donated to IDPs?

They stole it……….. How ?

No single state in the NE received it, Ministry of Agric confirms also that NEMA never delivered the rice to them.

Rice that China donated to Nigerian IDPs – Buharis officials and appointees simply stole it and sold it.

How Osinbajo Rushed to Cover up his Tracks

When The House of representatives got to the part of the investigation that indicted NEMA, Prof Osinbajo quickly inaugurated the Governing Council on April 2, 2018.

They met on the same day for the first time in three years and quickly suspended the Director of Finance without due process to help the vice president save face. Remember that the same govt when it came to NHIS boss was singing a different song .

Demola Olarenwaju wrote” the China rice donation is just one of the many things that Osinbajo was indicted on by the House of Reps but it perfectly illustrates the point about Corruption and Incompetence joined together under the APC and the resulting calamity and disaster unleashed on Nigeria”

According to APC members and Buhari supporter’s anyone who does not support Buhari is a thief , but when confronted with videos such as the one featuring Ganduje and irrefutable evidence such as this rice scandal involving Osinbajo or Aunty Kemis NYSC certificate they start throwing insults or beating about the Bush.

May God Help Us to Help ourselves in 2019

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