DSP Michael Nwokolo: Meet Probably The Most Educated Nigerian Police Man (pics)

There is a strong possibility that Michael Nwokolo is the most educated Nigerian Police officer as he boasts of about 24 educational qualifications.

Some of his laurels

Deputy Superintendent of Police, Michael Nwokolo is being talked about on Twitter since a picture of his numerous educational qualifications emerged.

His office in Lagos is filled with awards and recognitions leaving just a little space for him to settle down and work.

As a DSP, he has a Ph.D which is a rarity in Nigeria. Michael Nwokolo works as the Head, Latent Finger Unit, Forensic and Crime Data section.

Some Twitter users believe he deserves the position of the Inspector General of Police which is being held by the under-fire Ibrahim Idris who recently ‘transmitted’ a distorted message in Kano State.

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