Before And After: Meet The World’s First Set Of Septuplets (pics)

Imagine being born in a set of septuplets. You can’t even pronounce the word! It means having 6 more sibling twins. That’s seven kids who look exactly alike. This is the story of the world’s first set of septuplets.

Years back in 1997, a lady with the name Bobbi McCaughey, from Carlisle  Pennsylvania USA, made a history by giving birth to 7 children, at once at the age of 29. She made it through a Caesarean Section Operation which was said to be performed more than 40 specialists. The McCaughey septuplets, came precisely on November 19, 1997

They were born to parents Kenny and Bobbi McCaughey in Des Moines, Iowa, USA . They came to life nine week prematurely.


Kenny Jr, Alexis, Natalie, Kelsey, Nathan, Brandon and Joel ranged from 2.5 pounds to 3.4 pounds when they were born.

It was one of the biggest stories of the ’90s and they attracted significant media attention, including a feature in Time magazine as well as an appearance at the Oprah’s show.

Taking interest in her former guests’ current lives, Oprah aired another segment on the McCaughey septuplets on November 30, 2014 just as they were turning 18 and were about to graduate from high school.

The septuplets are now considering their future.

They are all going to take different paths entering a period in their lives when they will face to be separated for the first time ever. They discussed their plans with Oprah.

Brandon will be the first one living the nest. He has enlisted into the Army.

“I’ll be going June 1 for 14 weeks of basic and AIR and then my job is the infantry so I’ll probably be gone most of the time because I’m going active duty for that,” said Brandon.

Kelsey participates in an all state choir and looks forward to pursuing a career in music.

“After graduation, I don’t know where I’m going. All I know is that I want to go into music, musical theater — anything around there,” she said.

Natalie, Joel and Nathan plan on enrolling in college.

“After I graduate, I’m hoping to attend Hannibal-LaGrange University. It’s down in Hannibal, Missouri, and I want to look into elementary education and specifically be a pre-school teacher,” said Natalie.

“I plan on going into computer science at Hannibal-LaGrange. I’ve always thought that computers were really weird, but in a good way. I liked how they worked,” said Joel.

“I plan to go into something with computers, probably into computer sciences most likely because I’ve just always liked to do computer stuff,” said Nathan.

Alexis sees herself in a pre-school classroom one day.

“We consider us as best friends, not as brothers and sisters, and I’m really blessed that we’ve gotten to that point,” said Alexis.

“I’m definitely going to miss everybody being so close to everyone. It’s going to be hard just to see us all go, especially my brother Brandon going into the military. Him and I were the closest. I’m going to miss him a lot,” added Kenny Jr.

Alexis and Nathan had both suffered health complications. They both have cerebral palsy.

Throughout the years, they seen a lot of progress and successful surgeries and have gone from crawling to crutches and now walkers and braces.

“Me and Lexi are completely done with surgeries and checkups and unless we need something, we’re completely done with it,” said Nathan. “I just feel like I’m the king of the school like I’m a senior now. I can rule over anybody,” he said laughing.

“This was my first year getting into the high school cheerleading squad so that was a really big moment for me,” said Alexis.

The septuplets also have an older sister who was born in 1996, named Mikayala. She is now creating a little nest for herself.

“I got married about four months ago,” said Mikayla. “He went to a school in New York called the Young Bible Institute, finished there and is transferring to Moody Bible Institute to be a pastor.”

Recalling all the years as a parent of eight kids, the McCoughey’s said that they had often wondered if they were doing a good job of parenting their kids.

“My first thought is, did I do a good enough job with them?” said Kenny.

“Kids thrive on structure and if you can establish that early and maintain it, your kids will be happier and you’ll be happier,” concluded Bobbi.