This Suitcase Drives Itself Around At CES 2018 (pic & video)

Luggage need not be lugged, at least not if you own a revolutionary new smart suitcase that drives itself around.

The ForwardX Robotics CX-1 is a zany hold-all on wheels that follows you around autonomously using smart sensors.

Designed by a Chinese robotics startup, the CX-1 smart suitcase uses a four-wheel drive system for movement.

This lets it zip around an airport — or the CES 2018 tech show floor in Las Vegas, where it’s currently on show.

A 170-degree wide-angle camera and LIDAR sensors help the suitcase avoid obstacles and — more importantly — track your position.

Its creators have developed a custom tracking algorithm that identifies the suitcase’s owner in real time.

The camera then allows the owner to use gestures to control their suitcase without having to press any buttons.

Through simple hand movements, you can get the suitcase to start following you — and stop, if needed.

It’s not clear when the ForwardX Robotics CX-1 will launch, or how much it will cost — but don’t expect to see it on UK store shelves anytime soon.

CES is usually chock-full of weird and wonderful concept products, but not all of them actually go on sale.

This year’s CES tech convention is expected to be a particular hotbed for wacky gadget launches.

It’s predicted that the annual show will play host to plenty of smart devices, fueled by consumer interest in clever products like the Amazon Echo.

GBH Insight’s Daniel Ives tells The Sun that key trends for this year include “artificial intelligence, augmented/virtual reality devices and self-driving automobiles.”

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