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8 ways to purnish girls who come on a date with friends

Have you found yourself, as a man in an awkward situation where your date (a lady) comes with friends on a date? The truth is that the girl is not what your while, it means you are not important to her. If she’s really interested, she would not have come with friend (s)on a first date.

So how do you handle such a situation? She’s a pest and she should be treated like one.

According to, these are ways to handle such a lady
1. Take up her order and ignore her friend(s). Act like you don’t know them and you don’t care.
This is just what you should do in the situation; the easiest thing you can do. Just be like, “You didn’t tell me you were coming with your friends. I won’t be responsible for them. Are we going to continue with our date or move it for another day?”

That way, she’d know poo just got real. If she however thinks her friends must stay, ask her to share her food with her wonderful friends.

It’s not wickedness, you are just sticking to the original plan of the date.

2. Give her friend(s) all your attention, make them feel very important and leave your main date wondering what happened.
This is going to be vintage! Another way to make her realize she made a huge mistake by coming along with friends on a date with friends. To make it worse for her, you can even start flirting with her friends. Tell them some sweet words that are sure to pierce through your date’s heart. Go as far as taking the number of her friend(s) and make sure your girl sees it.

Don’t worry, you won’t see her friend(s) again on any date. Not even on your wedding day. And you won’t also see her number on your phone again. Your girl would do the needful. Lesson learnt, problem solved, forever!

3. Ask all of them to order to their fill, even make ‘take-away’ plans for them. Then, you run away.
This is one of the more wicked things to do to your date and her friend(s). It might look difficult to achieve because you pay at the counter before taking the food away, but I have a way you can pull the stunt.

When they come, you don’t just go to order immediately. You get familiar first. Then you ask them what they would like. Tell them to feel free and eat whatever. Even make them feel like you knew they would be coming. Ask them to make the order and that you need to either pee/answer a call…or better still, fake call and walk away to look for network. Or tell them you forgot your card in the car. Just get them to go to the counter and fool themselves.

Then, you VANISH!

Not only will your date learn the lesson, the atenu friends will learn too. Next time she won’t come on a date with friends.

4. Run as soon as you see her appear with her friend(s). Abort the date!
This one may look cowardly, but it’s a possible solution for those times when you really don’t have money to cater for anyone more than your date. When you can’t take it on, better to run away and live to fight another day.

So here is how you pull this off.

The moment you sight them from afar, put your phone for airplane mode. Find a way to run off from the other side if there is one, or just look for a way to disappear. Call her later in the night, give her an excuse, and complain that the network was fluctuating. Use that money you for spend, buy better fufu and soup. You better spend the money on yourself than on random people.

Another way to escape this situation, in case you were caught off guard, and she already appeared with her friends is to fake an ‘important’ call. Step out with your phones and wallet, disappear, switch off your phones!

5. Buy water for yourself and for all of them.
What better way to make a statement than to do something they will not recover from in years!

Buy only bottled water for all including yourself. Since you all are now having a conference, there should be no heavy meal. Water should serve the purpose! lol.

6. As soon as they arrive, buy your meal, take away, and leave them wondering where you are going.
This method is going to require you being totally mean. Just rise from your seat the moment you see them, step to the counter and order for your meal in a take away pack. Smile at them, say hello and walk out like you were not even there for a date in the first place. She will get the message without you having to say much.

7. Buy only for yourself and make them watch you.
You can as well use this as an alternative as number 6 above. Instead of buying the food and walking out, be more daring by taking the food to their table. Sit and eat away, smiling and chatting like you don’t even have a clue what’s going on in their heads.

8. Buy one meatpie and break it to all of them like you are breaking holy communion.

This is the final and most savage of them all.

Since your date has chosen to bring a friend or friends along, apply the law of diminishing returns. The more they are, the lesser your budget. Get one meatpie and break it into the number of friends present, including your date and yourself. Equal parts, well divided. Eat and be merry, there is love in sharing.

What better way to show generousity and chilvary?

Which of the eight ways do you like most?