By Remy Oyeyemi

Senator Ademola (left) being welcomed by Senate President Bukola Saraki

Yes, that dance by the newly elected Senator Ademola Adeleke of Osun – West Senatorial district has been making the waves. It is all over the social media. Metric tonnes of sour grapes have been outpoured, and maliciously too. The sour grapes were not devoid of the usual hypocrisy of several of my friends still smarting from the pang of defeat. Most of what they say about the dance went beyond ludicrous and the ridiculous.

Suffering from selective amnesia, they are trying to fry the ebullient Senator – elect Adeleke for what the discredited Governor of Osun State, Ogbeni Rauf Adesoji Aregbesola used to do with gusto. They are trying to tarnish the newly elected Senator with what Adam Oshiomole, former governor of Edo State has done with eulogies from their miserable sentries. They are condemning Ademola Adeleke for what El Rufai has done without them batting an eyelid.

More annoying is that these same hypocritical critics of Adeleke never saw anything wrong with his dancing when he danced with his late brother Isiaka Adetunji Adeleke, at APC rallies, waving APC flags to save Governor Aregbesola from disgrace during his campaign for second term. At that time, Ademola’s dancing was all well and good. It was alright then. It was okay then. It was acceptable then.

I watched the videos of his dances, the one with his daughter and the other celebrating his victory over tyranny in Osun. I couldn’t see what the hewers and hawkers of sour grapes saw. I could not fathom the reasons for their lamentations. I couldn’t figure out why they are weeping over someone exuding marinated happiness. I couldn’t.

The dancing of Ademola I saw in those videos, that jiggling and joggling by him; that non-beguiled beguine of his, that swirling, swiveling, swooning and swooping by him are emblematic of a free spirit. A spirit that is joyous, excited and enthused. In that video, he exuded a spirit that is unhindered, unpretentious and unperturbed. It is a spirit that is unbounded, unchained and unencumbered. It is a spirit that is unscripted, undoured, unsoured and uninhibited. No dreariness. No moroseness. It is a genuine spirit, and for real. I like it. I’ve got no complaints about it.

A beautiful heart devoid of gouging is what is being exuded, without any iota of duplicity. Happy and grateful to those who voted for him. All the complaints you hear are nothing but sour grapes that sprouted from pains of defeat and obvious bitterness. Employing their usual tool of heinous propaganda, they adorned putrid apparels of hypocrisy, pouting poisonous puffs to smear the joyful newly elected Senator Adeleke. That is what it is. It is why we all should not pant about the padded spat.

For all I care, Senator Adeleke can dance from Ede to Oshogbo and from Oshogbo all the way to Abuja. All that matters to me is the quality of his heart. How beautiful or ugly is his heart?How considerate is he? How caring is he? How concerned is he about his constituents, about the poor, about the vulnerable, about his people and his community?

If he is caring enough, considerate enough, concerned enough, it would be enough for me. Even, if his intellect is challenged, which has not been proven to be the case, such a beautiful heart as his, infused and imbued with love, care and affection for others, glowing with unalloyed joy, would carve out the requisite intellect required for his task and for his assignments in Abuja. We need a human being as our representative in Abuja. Someone with blood flowing in his vein, not counterfeit creatures.

Or of what use is a sharp intellect brimming with evil and unfettered sadism? What is the use of a stoic demeanor in a leadership that is bitter, vengeful, vindictive, cunning, calculative, duplicitous, diabolical, murderous and heartless? What is the use of a so called “serious leader” who revels in wrecking lives; destroying families, manacling the peace and progress of all?

Please, let Ademola Adeleke dance. Let him be happy. Let him be himself. All we need is his good heart. All we need is his genuine love for his people. All we need is his caring heart to help find solutions to the woes inflicted by Tinibuism on the people of Osun State. He knows he has to deliver. He is aware he cannot afford to fail, because if he does not deliver, we will call him out.

He is not new to service in anyway. His late father was a Senator and beloved by the people of Osun State. It was his legacy that paved the way for his brother, Isiaka Adetunji Adeleke to become the Governor of Osun in the first instance. Now he is also a Senator. He has a name to protect. He has a legacy to carry on. Leave him alone. Let him be happy. Let him rejoice. Let him dance!