Eight once-in-a-lifetime sex you should have


Here’s a list of the eight monumental sexual experiences you should try or recreate in a lifetime…

• Wedding night sex. Even if you married 20 years ago, you can recreate the wedding-night sex, says an anthropologist, Dr. Helen Fisher. The experience sends feel-good chemicals dopamine and epinephrine, which your body pumps out when you’re ecstatic.

• Honey-I’m-home-sex. This is for that moment when you’ve been away for a while — say, on a business trip and you’re back home. Sexologist Ava Cadell say this is the most romantic sex, because it starts out with long, luscious kisses that really get the juices flowing.

• Make-up sex. When there’s a fight, the attendant anger drives up testosterone in both men and women,” Fisher says. “If you go to bed with increased testosterone and agitation, the sex drive is going to be stronger,” she says. So, deploy the sex drive to having a steamy, make-up sex.

• Break-up sex. Sometimes, when you’ve decided together that the relationship isn’t working, you end up having sex to end things on a high note. Occasionally, that last sex winds up being better than any you’ve had in the past six months. Indeed, researchers speculate that in so-called last-chance sex, a man may unknowingly alter the levels of certain hormones in his semen, and that may trigger his partner to ovulate spontaneously.

• Birthday sex. Well, this is a gift like no other, if you get the drift. So, take your partner to somewhere special and leave your underwear at home. Dance to sexy music that leads to the movement of the pelvis,” Cadell says. When you’re back home, caress or lightly stimulate each other’s sensitive areas and take it up from there.

• First-time sex. Having sex with someone for the first time is exciting because of the discovery factor, says a licensed marriage/family therapist, Dr. Louanne Weston. “You’re really tuned in to every sense, and you’re feeling things for the first time,” he says. Hit the bed at a different angle, sit or stand up on the bed for extra stimulation.

• Holiday sex. The change in scenery alone is enough to make vacation sex hotter than usual. “There’s a marking-the-territory factor for most men and women. And sex on vacation is a virginal experience in a way,” Weston says. Try different positions for effect.

• Baby-making sex. Many couples feel an intense emotional connection the first time they start trying to have a baby, especially if they’ve tried so long to avoid pregnancy, but now they’re ready to be parents, Weston says. So, have sex on your sides face-to-face, creating intensive emotional bond. You can also play a song that means something to both of you.

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