I was told a bag of rice is now N22,000 i have not confirmed it.

The minimum wage is N18,000.

Nigerian worker has not paid his housing rent, transportation and will still feed his nuclear family with this meagre salary.

Somebody, someone is claiming to be fighting corruption with EFCC.

But files containing millions of naira is passing through his table and he’s smart in nigerian context, to take care of his personal needs by circumventing the system.

Tell me if he will be afraid of EFCC and ICPC or both combined.

Let Baba and his gang be enjoying the myth that they are fighting corruption when the needs of the citizens are not been taking care off.

A country where there are no social securities like emergency health care, good and affordable education, public housing projects etc, and they want us not to be corrupt.

Nigerians must be a super human not to be corrupt.

Most Nigerians will put their hands in the public till if given the opportunity.

Position of power and huge riches show the true strength of a man or his character

I used to tell people that don’t pray for emergencies in Nigeria, that person is a goner, a lame duck.

Unless you are a super rich that is when you can enjoy quality health delivery.

I read about how late Ooni was managed before he later died in a London
He was taken in an ambulance from ile ife to Ibadan where a plane was already on the tarmac that will take him to the international airport, Lagos where he was flown in a specialised plane London.

If money could have been used to save the late monarch he would have been saved.

This government has promised us heaven and earth while campaigning but not have been fulfilled any

They gave millions of reasons why they can’t keep their promises and they are asking for more time and understanding.

Nigerian masses where lie your redemption hour?

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